Friday, April 15, 2016

Tweet Thang

Bella and I are excited to have a new pattern out...the first in a little series called Birdtopia! Stay tuned for some whimsical and zany characters!

Click here to get the pattern.  It is quick and easy...use up those scraps! If you decide to make this, I would love to see a picture....pretty please!

Sleepless nights!  That darn prednisone! Doesn't Bella look annoyed that I woke her up?  Usually it is the other way around! At least I am getting a lot done..I can't just lay there with my eyeballs wide open staring at the ceiling!

It is another beautiful spring day...hard to stay in and garden is calling me! Gardening seems to be another creative outlet for quilters.  What about you?  What is on your plate today?

Grace and peace....Sharon

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