Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Wednesday WIP's Wednesday, and I almost have my weekly goal met!  Lots of flying geese have been trimmed and today I am working on pinwheels.

Since we are heading out to Dallas first thing in the morning....I hope to get all the little pinwheels finished.  What's on your table today?

I don't know why my blog says I am a no-reply blogger....does anyone know how to fix that???

Oh my!  My boot post is featured on Midweek Makers!  Yay!  and thank you!  I am having a ball making the boots..every time I finish one I hold it up and say....oh yes! I would totally wear this boot! I may have to make a boot quilt for myself!

Texas Two Step from Fons and Porter  2015 July-August
Have a great week!
grace and peace....Sharon

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