Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Mama said there would be days like this.....

We all have frustrating days when we do more ripping out than sewing....yesterday was one of them for me.  Every week I start off with a to-do list..it helps keep me on track most of the time.  I truly think I have ADD....I go from project to project and sometimes never finish it!  So this week, I want to finish quilts that I have started for grand-kids.  The boot quilt is coming along...even with all the ripping out yesterday.  Don't ask me why I had such a hard time...it really is a very easy pattern.  I plan to get it all put together today...all of the blocks are completed! If you want to make one of these fun quilts, it is the Texas Two Step designed by Liz Porter...in 2015 July/August Fons and Porter magazine.

Here is my to-do list for today.....

Count my blessings
Practice kindness...to myself as well as to others
Let go of what I can't control
Listen to my heart
Be productive yet calm....do not throw the seam ripper across the room!
Just breathe!

Have a blessed and productive day!

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