Tuesday, May 10, 2016

This and that....

Free motion quilting is very enjoyable to me...but pinning the quilt is not.  Fortunately I can catch up on TV shows or a good movie while I pin.  What is your least favorite part?  I know that some will say binding....but I like the binding part...it means I have a finished quilt!

Look at this lovely mini-quilt I received this week!  I participated in a little quilt swap on Instagram...the rules were to use V&C Ombre fabric.  The texture in this quilt is so cool! I love it!

Feeling bad, because this Friday my grand daughter will turn 12 and I do not have her boot quilt finished!  A deadline got in the way!  So here is the card I doodled for her...and probably a bit of green stuff inside...think that will work?

Have a great week!  Grace and peace....Sharon

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