Friday, July 15, 2016

Friday Finish!

Oh my, this quilt is long over due to be completed!  I started it in the spring of 2000...stitched all the blocks and then it was put away and forgotten.  This winter, I went through a box of quilt blocks that needed to be set into quilts and came across these.  I wanted a red and white quilt for Christmas decorating and decided this would work.  So many memories in these little blocks....they kept my hands and mind calm while sitting with my husband at the hospital.  He had a brief fight with renal cell cancer and died 6 weeks after being of those rare and nasty cancers that take off and there is no stopping it.  But after 16 years, these little blocks deserved to come out and play...and so they did!  Now I have a quilt ready BEFORE Christmas!  How about that?  That usually does not happen!

This quilt was in American Patchwork and Quilting...I think it is called Toyland.  My one and only redwork piece.  My stitches are rather primitive when it comes to embroidery.  I learned how as a child and they still look rather childish, but I like it ok.

Have a great weekend!

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