Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Another start!

So....I jumped in and bought Tula Pink's book, 100 Modern Quilt Blocks, and now I have taken the bait and started sewing these darling little blocks for the 100 Days 100 Blocks challenge.  It's not like I don't have enough projects started, but these are so simple and fun.  I am using up my scraps from
my collection of Beth Studley's fabrics.  I have wanted to do something with them, and this is a perfect project.  Except, I am all ready behind...I think today is Day 8!

Here are the three sweet little blocks that I have made so far...on to the next five this afternoon!

I really want to keep up with this....I tend to get the blocks made, put them in a pretty box and forget about them.  Oh well...it's going to be a good day!  I had an epidural in my back yesterday, and this morning was able to go for a walk without pain...yay!  And the awful heat has gone away...beautiful summer day! I listened to a song by John Fogerty..."Don't You Wish it Were True".  Have to share a bit with you...I know we are all hoping and praying it will be true someday soon!

"But if tomorrow everybody under the sun was happy just to live as one...
No borders or battles to be  won.
 But if tomorrow everybody was you friend...happiness would never end.
 Lord, don't you wish it was true...."

Have a beautiful day!  Sharon and Bella, the Yellow Cat

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P.S.  Bella wants you to know she is resting up after going to the beauty parlor this morning.  Oh, the life of a cat!!!

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