Thursday, December 15, 2016

2017 Planning Party

What??? I haven't even finished all the quilts on my list for 2016!!!

Yvonne at Quilting Jetgirl is having a fun planning party, and I decided to join.  Sounds like a good idea to get started now.

First off, I love planners!  Now the crazy thing is that when I was working, I never had one...really!
Now that I am retired, I HAVE to have one!  Most of the time, my planners are part art journal and part fun to play in and get creative.  This year, this Quilters Planner looks intriguing, hope I win one!  If not, I know where I can get one!

This has been my most favorite planner so far...look at that fat puppy!  Can you believe it started out as a little Moleskin planner?  And it held up well to all the abuse I gave it!

So, 2016 has been an incredible year!  I'm not sure I can set goals that would surpass all the amazing things that have happened in 2016.  One of my goals had been to be published in a quilting magazine, and that has happened!  I also wanted to start my own pattern company, and I am slowly working on it.  My goal for 2017 is to get more of my patterns out there!  It feels like it is a slow process.  Some days, I feel like maybe I am too old to start something like this?  And other days, I tell myself that I am never too old to pursue a just might take a little longer!  Also...if not now...when???? Also, should I think of this as a business or a hobby-business?  Any thoughts on that one?

I want to travel health prevented us from traveling as much in 2016, but I am bound and determined to not let it stop us.  We are going on a big adventure after the first of the year...taking our little RV to the Rio Grande Valley in Texas and spending  2 months enjoying the warm climate of south Texas.  I look forward to exploring!  In August, 2017, we are going to cross another trip off of our bucket Alaskan Land and Sea cruise!  

Part of me is telling me that I need to cut back on other things in order to accomplish my pattern business.  Such as....I am the coordinator for our church Project Linus Group, coordinator for our quilt guild's QOV group, an ambassador for Rachel House, and a CASA. (Court Appointed Special Advocate).  So cutting back will probably have to be one of my goals!

My flower beds....I love to garden!  Another goal is to spend more time taking care of them....they became a bit unruly due to my health and the obscene heat this summer.  No more of that!  Time to take it back!

One more goal...actually two more!  Exercise more!  

And most important of all, spend more time in Bible study.  Set aside my quiet time everyday and do it!  When I was working, I found it easier to do, because I usually did it when I first go up, or at lunch break.  Now I find myself jumping into the day and not spending time in the Word.  

Oh boy!  Now I will have to be's all out in the open!  Looking forward to 2017!

grace and peace....Sharon

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