Monday, December 5, 2016

Craft University part 2

Here I am...back with more about Craft University and the online class I am currently taking.  If you missed part one, here it is.  

Lesson 2: On-Point Quilts, On-Point Medallion Quilts, and Layout Library.  This was quite extensive and chock full of information. In this lesson I designed an on-point quilt and a medallion quilt, learned about auto borders, applique blocks, motifs, stencils, fussy cutting fabric...and more!  

This is the medallion quilt I designed:

On to lesson 3....Custom Sets and Layers.  The custom set is just what I needed for blocks that are a variety of sizes.  Perfect for a quilt that I had started by making several blocks and putting them up on the design wall.  I "finished" it by creating it as a custom set.  I hope to finish actually sewing it in the future,  Maybe it will become a block of the month...who knows.  I can continue to tweak it for now, and when I am happy with it, I will finish it.

I plan to change the cat block to make her look like Bella...but that is in a future lesson!
As you can see, this needs lots of tweaking, but that is the beauty of EQ7, you can design and change things until it works for you.  There is a lot more covered in lesson 3, such as using arcs and superimposing blocks and more.

Now for lesson 4...Drawing Pieced Blocks.  There is so much more than just drawing a block.  I discovered the Serendipity tool in this lesson.  Wow!  

Here are a few examples of what happens in Serendipity....

Take a simple block like this....

And frame it....there are many choices to choose from.

How much fun is this?  a new block to try out!  HMMMM....what layout should I use????

Here is the Kaleidoscope tool in Serendipity...once again just using a simple block. Can you tell which block I used?  I want to try paper piecing this one.

And another fun one is Fancy Star....

Oh dear....I could spend hours playing with this!  If I paper-pieced this, I know I could piece it.  That is the beauty of this program, you can print rotary cutting measurements, paper piecing, templates, and more.  

As you can see, this is a powerful program.  I love EQ7! and this class from Craft University is helping me see all the possibilities.  And I can go back and watch as many times as I need to!

Check back later in the week and I hope to have posted the end of my review.

grace and peace....Sharon

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