Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Winter Texans

Winter Texans....that will be us for a couple of months! We are in Brownsville, Texas living in our little RV.  a brand new experience and adventure for both of us.  Lots to do here, no one should be bored! And of course the beach is nearby!

As you can see, Bella made the trip with us.  She is a great traveler!

The other night we went to a dance at another park down the road so that I could meetup with a long time Facebook friend that I had never met, from Canada.  What fun!  This is the first time I had met up with someone I knew only from Facebook...we "met" online in one of Joanne Sharpe's online classes.  I even have some of Lori's art in my house!

Actually, we have been here only a week tomorrow, and we have been to two dances.  These older folks like to get on that dance floor and kick their heels up.  As I observed the couples dancing, I thought....we are all getting older...stiffer...wrinkled, but we are still 16 years old inside.  Still feeling the music like we did in high school and having a great time.  My eyes settled on one couple...you know there is always that "cool" couple on the floor...the homecoming queen and the captain of the football team.  My eyes filled with tears...the "cool" couple danced by, Mr. Cool was obviously crippled by a stroke, dancing stiffly with his wife in his arms and his cane in one hand.  No matter what, the music is still in us!  I hold my glass up to the cool couple!

I hope to get some sewing done this week, there is a quilt group that meets up once a week.  This afternoon will be watercolors...I'm in!  On the trip down, I did make a few little newborn crocheted hats to send to the hospital for the babies. They are so tiny!  It does not take anytime at all to crochet these and a good way to pass the time while traveling or watching tv at night.

No quilts to show you this week.....taking a bit of a break as you can see!

grace and peace...Sharon

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