Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Sewing room...I missed you so much!

Other than the reaction of my 8 year old grandson....coming back to my sewing room is heaven!  I surprised my grandson when we got back from Texas by going over to their house and ringing the door bell.  When Jack answered the door, his face was priceless!  He wrapped his arms around my waist and sobbed..."Oh my gosh!  Gramma you don't know how much I missed you!"  I love that boy!  I love being a Winter Texan, but I love and miss my family more!

This year, I am participating in my first Stash Bee ever.  January was my month to be the Queen Bee and now I have blocks to sew into a quilt. I chose the Split Hatchet block by Julie Hirt of 627handworks.   Our bee is international and it is great fun meeting all the wonderful quilters from all over the world.  During the month of January, I received colorful blocks from all of my bees. Once I get unpacked and caught up, I plan to sew the blocks together.

February we made blocks for our Aussie friend, Sue.  I absolutely love the block she chose, and Bella gave it her seal of approval too!

Inside Addition

This month, we are doing the cutest improv block for Kate.  How stinking cute is this?  I think I need a quilt made from this block too!

I am looking forward to making blocks for all the bees in our Stash Bee! If you have not joined one, I would urge you to give it a go!  Meeting so many lovely ladies out there in blogland is great fun!

I think I'm off to hibernate in my sewing room...I have a project or two I need to finish this week!  What about you?  

grace and peace....

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