Monday, September 17, 2018

Bloggers 2018 Quilt Festival

It's that time of year again!  I love all the quilt shows that happen every fall, but I fail to make it to all of them!  So this is one of my favorites....I can get a glass of cold tea and go to the quilt festival in my comfy easy chair!

A huge thank you to Amy  at Amy's Creative Side for hosting the Blogger Quilt Festival.  And there are some wonderful might like to enter as well!

I am entering my All a Flutter quilt which I made this summer.  It is made from Island Batik fabric...All a Flutter.

If you look closely in the lower right had corner, there is a little butterfly that has come to inspect the flowers on the quilt.  So, I decided that All a Flutter was the right name for this quilt!

Not an appliqued butterfly! 💓💓💓💓

Hope you will go visit Amy and all the beautiful quilts that have been entered!

Grace and peace....

Friday, September 14, 2018

In the Pumpkin pattern in time for fall!

This is my newest pattern that I have added to Etsy and Craftsy.  I think you will like how easy it is to make, and if you really do not like applique, there is a pieced pumpkin version as well.  This quilt pictured is made with fabric provided by Island Batik...perfect for fall decorating.

Here is the version with the pieced pumpkin.  I pieced the one below using fabric from my scrap basket.  Hope to get it quilted tomorrow!

Why not use some fun Halloween fabric?  Once again...check that scrap basket!

If you would like to purchase a pattern, you can do so at Etsy or Craftsy.  On sale this week end  only! Sale ends Monday, September 18.

Have a great weekend!

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Thursday, September 6, 2018

Happy Go Lucky....almost finished!

A hug and thank you to all of you!  Everyone is adjusting to a new normal and we appreciate all the love and support you have sent to our family.

Guess what?  We can put our Happy Go Lucky quilt together now.  As you can tell from the pattern it is sewn together in sections, then the whole quilt is sewn together, and borders added.   I had hoped to expand this quilt to be larger with some extra blocks, but I am sorry to say that did not happen.  But I hope you can see how to make it larger, or even smaller.  I think it is fun to play What If?  Just place some of the extra blocks next to one of the sections.  It might not fit perfectly, but you can determine the size of the additional plain piece of fabric or another simple block.  I would keep the additional block simple, and maybe even a simple applique.  If you are following the Splendid Sampler II, the blocks are 6" and a few are applique and would make great little filler blocks.

Here are some of my favorites that I am thinking of adding:

Those are just a few....have fun and make this YOUR Happy Go Lucky Sampler!

Perfectly Imperfect....
Sorry for the blur and crooked picture!  But I know you get the idea and I am looking forward to seeing your quilts!

So....You have until September 18 to finish your quilt....not quilted, just have the top set together.  Please send me a picture by email so that I can put up a quilt show on my blog.....and draw for the grand prize...ok?

No linky this week since we are finishing and sending me a picture.

And....I have the winner for Week 5!  desertsuz you are the winner!

And Bea has provided the PDF pattern for Susan to choose from.  Please visit Bea on her blog and you will see what an accomplished quilter and designer she is.  I love her EQ tutorials!  She has lots of fun things going on over there....check it out soon.

Now....keep calm and sew!

Grace and peace.....Sharon

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

So sorry....

I know this is supposed to be a Happy Go Lucky Sew Along post, but it isn't happening just yet.  I hope to get to it later today and certainly by Thursday.

On Friday, my step daughter died.  We do not know for certain what happened, but she has fought an opiod addiction for too many years.  She did not ask to become a drug addict and I don't feel she committed suicide.  I do think it was an unintended overdose.  I cannot tell you how sad and angry I am that the opiod epidemic has claimed another young life!  Our 12 year old daughter found her.  Right now I am trying to be strong support for my husband, so thank you for your understanding.
Now....carry on and sew!

grace and peace.....Sharon

“My God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus” (Philippians 4:19).

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Week 6 of Happy Go Lucky Sew Along

I love seeing pictures of your progress with the Happy Go Lucky blocks.  They are pretty simple, and I hope beginners as well as more experienced are enjoying this sew along.  Can you believe we are about ready to start sewing the quilt together?

This week is another favorite block of mine, the Sawtooth Star.  I have made many quilts with this block in it.  How about you?  Our extra block is called the Morning Star block and will finish at 12 1/2".  I like this block so much that I am working on another quilt using this block.

Morning Star Block 

 A (background fabric) cut (1) 5 1/2" square
                                         Cut (4) 3" squares 
                                         Cut 4) 3 1/8" squares
  B  (pink)                          Cut 1) 4 1/2" square
  C ( green)                       Cut 1) 5 1/2" square
                                         Cut 4) 3 1/8" squares
                                         Cut 4) 2" x 4 1/2" rectangles and
                                        4) 2" x 3" rectangles                                                              

No-Waste Flying Geese Units

1.       On the wrong side of the 3 1/8” fabric C squares, draw a diagonal line.  With right sides together, place a marked square on the corner of the 5 ½” fabric A square.  Place another marked square on the opposite corner.  The centers will overlap a bit.
       2.        On each side of the drawn line, sew a ¼” seam.  Cut apart on the drawn line, open and        
            press.  You have made 2 sections for your flying geese.
       3.       With right sides together place a marked fabric C square on the corner of fabric A.  Sew ¼”               on each side of the drawn line. Cut apart on the drawn line, open and press.      
       4.       Repeat step 3 with the other section. You will now have four flying geese units. 
                Trim all  four to measure 2 ½” x 4 ½”      

5.       Now repeat steps 1 through 4, using the fabric C (5 ½”) squares and fabric A (3 1/8”) squares.

6.       Repeat the instructions 1 through 5.  You should have a total of 4 flying geese units that measure 2 ½” x 4 ½”.

 Corner Units

1.       Sew a 2” x 3” fabric C rectangle to the right side of a 3” fabric A square.


2.       Sew a 2” x 4 ½” fabric C rectangle to the bottom of the section you made above. Makes one corner unit.  Make 2 of these corner units.
      3.       Repeat steps one and two and make two mirror image corner units. 

    You should have a total of 4 corner units as shown above.

Assemble the Block

1.       Pay attention to the placement and orientation of the flying geese units.  Sew one A-C flying geese unit to a C-A flying geese unit. Make a total of 4 units like this.       

2.       Refer to the block assembly diagram for proper placement and orientation of fabrics. 

 Block Assembly Diagram

     Our prize winner for week 4 is Shelley AKA Happy.

     Jennifer Fulton of the Inquiring Quilter has kindly offered one of her wonderful PDF patterns, which you can check out here at her shop.  Jennifer sponsors a very fun Linky party every Wednesday called Wednesday Wait Loss.  It is one I enjoy linking to whenever I can, and of course it is inspiring to visit all the links.

Have a great week!  Please be sure to link up with a picture of your blocks for this week! And don't forget that everyone who has linked up and have all of their blocks finished will be in the drawing for the grand prize!


Tuesday, August 21, 2018

It's Week 5 of Happy Go Lucky!

How did we get here so quickly?  It looks like everyone is sewing right along, and guess what?  We almost have all the blocks made!

This week is super easy....make some flying geese and catch up if you need to.  I am having a rough health week, and will share what is going on in a later post.  For now I am putting one foot in front of the other, and I know....I KNOW that God does make all things His time, not mine.
Enough of that!  On to the important and fun stuff!!!

My pattern gives you the super easy and simple way to make flying geese, but it is not the only way.  No matter what method I use, I always, always trim.  My favorite tool is the Wing Clipper by Deb Tucker.  It was my first ruler purchase from Deb and I am sold on every single one that I have purchased since that time!  Her instructions use the No-Waste Method, and you do not have to have a special ruler to use the No-Waste Method, I just happen to like it!

Here is a chart I found on a great website called Suzy Quilts.  Check out this article she wrote...I direct you there because I could not have done it any better!

She shared some fabulous quilts using the flying geese blocks, be sure to check them out.  My husband swears that every quilt I make has flying geese in it.  It is one of my favorite and versatile blocks.  He might be right!!!


 Winter Migration


Paper piecing for flying geese

 Molly's Quilt

Paper piecing is an option!

Winter Solstice

The winner for week 3 is:  desertsuz
Our prize comes from Pamela Boatwright of Pamela Quilts. Check out her wonderful patterns on Craftsy! A big thank you, Pam, for donating one of your lovely PDF patterns.   

Be sure to visit her blog!

And I love seeing your progress, so please link up right here or on Instagram with the hash tag #happygoluckysal to be eligible for a prize this week.

grace and peace....Sharon and Bella

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Scrappy Saturday

It seems like quilters love scraps, and why not?  We certainly have more than we can ever use.  At times I think my strips are multiplying!

Here is a recent finish for Project Linus.  I simply cut up a bunch of blue scraps into multiple sized strips, then started sewing my wonky log cabin blocks.  These are stress free, quick and easy to sew.
I do love the wonky blocks!   Even the border is scraps left over from a backing.

Practicing my pebbles and swirls...thinking don't much like the pebbles but I do like the concentric swirls.  I have been following along with Angela Walters free motion quilt along.  I have been doing free motion quilting on my domestic machine for years, and I am still learning.  Angela is a great teacher, and the videos on You Tube are well worth your time.  And it does take practice!

Aren't these little cowboys the cutest?

grace and peace.....Sharon

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Happy Go Lucky Sew Along Week four

How are all of you doing with your blocks?  I love what I am seeing on the linky, please keep posting here or on Instagram with the hashtag #happygoluckysewalong !  It inspires everyone.

This week is easy peasy....we are making some filler blocks.  When I make a sampler quilt, these are the simple little blocks I like to add to fill in spaces.  The half square triangle blocks are 6" and the four patch are 3".  Then they are sewn together in a row.

For your extra block, I am showing you a variation of the half square block.  EQ called it flying geese, but I call it birds in the many blocks have multiple names.

Here is the block.  You can arrange your colors anyway you choose, make all four blocks the same or vary each block.  Just play with some ideas and see what you come up with.  That is the fun of creating a one of a kind sampler!

Cutting for two blocks:

From the light fabric, cut (1) 7" square.  Cut in half once on the diagonal.
                                   Cut (2) 3" squares.  Cut in half once on the diagonal.

From the pink fabric, cut (6) 3" squares.  Cut in half once on the diagonal.

For one block:
1. Pair the 3"pink triangle with a 3" light triangle.  Sew together on the bias edge, being careful not to stretch it out.  Flip open and press towards the pink.Trim each to 2 1/2". Make 3 of these units.
  2 1/2" 
2. Now sew together as shown in the diagram below using the remaining pink triangles. 

3. Sew the rows together to create a pieced triangle unit as shown below.

4. Now sew the pieced triangle unit to one of the 7" light triangle units. 

5. Flip press towards the large light triangle.  Trim to 6 1/2".
Here are some examples of another coloration for this block.

I hope you are enjoying this sew along!  A PDF of these instructions is available here.

I have a winner for week two.....Sue! 
This week a digital pattern will be given by Terri Vanden Bosch of Lizard Creek Quilting. 
You can visit her blog here to see the beautiful quilts she has made, and be sure to check out her unique quilt patterns!

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Happy Go Lucky week Three!

Hope everyone is enjoying this little quilt's the first time I have sponsored one, so if you have any suggestions that would make it better or easier or more fun...let me know.

This week is a pretty simple block....the 9 patch block and the Cross block.  They are a classic block and can be used in quilts in many ways, as well as just on their own.  The bonus block is Rolling Stone.  Just like the 9 patch and the cross block, the block changes with color placement.  I suggest you play with the can use just two, or step it up with three or four.  This will finish out as a 9 1/2" block.

Rolling Stone

Cutting: From the blue cut four 2" x 3 1/2" rectangles
                From the green, cut four 2" squares.  Draw a line on the                  diagonal.
               From the pink, cut five 3 1/2" squares
                                        Cut four 2" x 3 1/2" rectangles
                From the light, cut twelve 2" squares, draw a line on the                   diagonal. 


Place a 2" green square on one corner of four of the pink 3 1/2" squares.  Sew on the diagonal line. Flip and trim, leaving a 1/4" seam.
Sew a 2" light square on the opposite corner, flip and trim.
Then sew to the remaining corners, flip and trim. 
The finished unit should measure 3 1/2".

Sew a pink 2" x 3 1/2" rectangle to a blue 2" by 3 1/2" rectangle.
Repeat until you have four squares as shown above.
These will also measure 3 1/2".
Assemble the block as shown below.....just like a 9 patch.

And we have a winner from our first week!
Shelly, AKA Happy has won a pattern from the talented Sherry Shish at  www.poweredbyquilting.  Sherry is one of my fellow Island Batik Ambassadors.  You really need to visit her lovely website and have a look around.  Also be sure to check out her patterns...they are very fun!

Be sure to post pictures of your progress on the following know you want to win a prize! And remember, at the end is a gift certificate from the Fat Quarter Shop! 

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