Thursday, December 20, 2018

Wonky Challenge with Island Batik

I have had my project done since November...then I wrapped it up to gift it to my grand daughter and forgot to take a picture!!!  This is how my brain works after going through withdrawals from a medication my Dr gave me for chronic pain.  But everyday is better and I hope to get my mind back soon! I am now 15 days free of Cymbalta!!!! is my Mini-Wonky Star quilt.  I made it with scraps left over from the Spring Blossoms collection.  The pattern can be found on the Missouri Star You Tube channel. Lots of fun to make! It uses 2 1/2" strips and your background fabric.  

That little elf sitting on the quilt is old....68 years old to be exact!  He belonged to my first husband, Jack, who died in 2000 and was a little toy his mom saved all these years.  I was so excited to get this little guy, and decided he might be one of the first Elf on the Shelf elves!  His name is Jack Ray, and I think he will have to go live with one of the grandkids someday...probably Jack.  

I backed the quilt with some Minky furry nice and cozy!  My grand daughter is autistic, and I am hoping the texture and weight will comfort her.  

Peace and grace from Sharon and Bella the Yellow Cat

Stamp of approval from Bella :)

P.S.  If there are any of my patterns you wish to purchase on Craftsy, be sure to go there before December 28.  I am reducing all of them until that date.  Then my store will disappear from Craftsy.