Saturday, June 29, 2019

Life happens...or not

It's been awhile....neglecting my blog and just checking out for a bit!  Not sure if anyone still reads blogs but I think there are a few.  I want to tell you a story...not for sympathy but as a warning. 

My doctor put me on Cymbalta 60mg for chronic back pain.  I wish I had done more research on this drug and how dangerous it is.  Google it and you will find that the FDA reluctantly approved it for chronic pain.  If they had reservations about it...why did they approve it for off label prescribing? has truly affected my life in the most negative ways you can imagine....and getting off of it has truly been horrible.  You don't want to go there!  After 6 months of being off the drug, I still have withdrawal symptoms, but not as bad.  So there is hope and I will get my life back!
It has taken so much away from me, but I am determined to get it back.  Just not a patient person.  I have to keep telling myself that I am dealing with a brain injury and people can and do recover.

I did not have all of these symptoms while on the drug and the worst happened when I stopped taking it.  Seizures, brain zaps, flu like symptoms, horrible depression, loss of appetite, loss of focus and unable to concentrate or follow a name a few.

The brain zaps by far are the worst of all.  Almost like having a seizure.  

So...if you or any of your loved ones are taking this drug...consider the side affects and the withdrawals you will go through when you decide to stop taking it.  Too many people are being given this drug and not being told what happens if you don't take it.  It is being prescribed as an alternative to opioids but just as dangerous.

My creativity and desire to sew has been stunted to say the least.  But I do have a few things completed and it does make me feel better to see them finished!  This week, I quilted two WIPS and getting the bindings on them...yay!

Ready for Project Linus!

A bit of free motion quilting this week.

I have a quilt in the Summer 2019 of Easy Quilts...yay!  This was a fun and easy quilt to make, no curved piecing!

Hopefully I will have more to show you as the summer progresses and as I heal.  Not looking for any sympathy...just want to warn others so this does not happen to anyone else.

grace and peace....Sharon


  1. Fun to see your post in my inbox, Sharon! I was just wondering about you the other day, since I hadn't seen anything from you. I'm sorry you had to go through that, and I appreciate the heads up. I have minor back issues, so I'll definitely be aware of this if I'm ever put on medication. Glad you are recovering, even if it is slower than you like!

    1. Thank you! It means a lot to hear from you and I hope you or any of your loved ones will never go through this. Everyday is a new day and doing much better!

  2. Oh Gosh, I am so sorry to know that you have been suffering.
    I hope that you feel better every day. Take very good care of yourself, and just do one thing every day that makes you happy.
    Get a good sleep every night, and hydrate.
    Your quilt finish and look at that, also a published quilt is well done. I know it has been a struggel

    1. Good advice! I do try to do one thing everyday that makes me feel happy. Bible study and sleep and allowing myself time to heal are helping. Thanks for stopping by and means a lot!

  3. So glad you are on the other side of this; but hugely sorry you had to go through it. I love your quilt and so glad and your quilt in the mag is stunning. Hooray for you doing any of this while recovering!

  4. Yes, some of these meds are downright dangerous! Listen to the side effects on those commercials. The side effects are often worse than the problem that is being treated. So glad you made it off of them.
    I have severe arthritis and I refuse the drugs they use to treat it.
    My go to help is good old CBD oil. If you get the good grade of it, it will do more good for a person than most drugs out there. All its side effects are good ones. But it helps with the pain and it is the best thing I have ever used. Look it up and read about it. It may be useful to you.
    Glad you got through all that. Be well.

  5. Actually, I do have some CBD oil and it does help. So thankful our state has approved medical marijuana....the only problem is that it is hard to know the correct dosage. I don't think I should drive for sure! But it works! I also recently had a spinal worth the pain while having it! Thanks!

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