Friday, March 25, 2016



So excited to be published in McCall's newest issue!  My Gypsy quilt and pattern are featured in the May/June issue...check it out!  Hope you will want to make this eclectic Bohemian quilt, and will share pictures of it with me.  Would love to see what fabric you decide to use.  This is Andover Makow's Henna by Beth Studley.

So, my husband decided to donate one of my quilts to a charity auction which will be held in April.  This week, I have been busy quilting it.  My supervisor, the Yellow watching closely for any mistakes.  She really makes it hard to freemotion quilt!  I had to ban her from the sewing room...much to her dismay!

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Wishing all of you a beautiful and peace filled Easter weekend!

Grace and peace....Sharon

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