Thursday, March 16, 2017

Rescue Me!

Yes, you read the title correctly....but it is not me that is in need of rescuing.  This is the second week of Furry Fridays, and I hope you will read on about the goals of the blog posts for this event.
Anyone that owns a cat, knows that a quilt is a CAT Magnet...right? And I am sure that dogs are just as attracted!  I love seeing the pictures on Instagram that quilters share of their fur babies helping them quilt. 

Many pets don't have homes and could use our help. So...a group of quilting industry partners have come together with the Petfinder Foundation to raise awareness of those less fortunate furry friends that are waiting to be rescued into a loving home.  For seven weeks, we will be sharing pictures of a shelter pet that needs a good home.  Even if they are not in your area, go to, put in your zip code and you will find a listing of the pets that need a home in your area. 

This week, I am sharing a cat and a dog that need a loving home.  Maybe you or someone you know would like to rescue one of them.  Meet Tigress and Crysta.
Click on the names to find out more!

 A pregnant female cat was found and turned over to WARM and Tigress is one of 7 kittens born at WARM. Tigress is a very loving, very sweet tri-color Tabby. She follows you all around trying to get your attention and love. Tigress has been at WARM all of her life waiting for a forever home. If you're looking for a little companion, please consider visiting Tigress, she is such a sweetheart and will be a wonderful loving companion for some lucky person. 

Crysta is a beautiful eight-year-old tricolor German Shepherd mix with striking features. Crysta can be a bit shy at first, but warms up quickly. Crysta is a friendly girl that likes to be petted and loved on. Crysta likes to go for walks outside and explore her new surroundings. This calm, easy-going girl is going to make someone a wonderful new pet!

We have a precious rescue cat, Bella.  Three years ago she came to live with us after our long time Max had died.  I wanted a kitten, and on a cold, snowy day we visited the SPCA.  We saw lots of cats, but no kittens. One of the volunteers knew I wanted a kitten, so she went back to the hospital and brought out the saddest looking little baby. She was quite ill, and could not be adopted at the time, but when she recovered we were told we could adopt her.  I could not say no!  That face! 

 She is such a good cat...very tolerant of all the grandchildren and wants to be wherever they are playing.  Bella has become quite the traveler as well, and we take her with us whenever we travel in our RV. She is a very social cat, and cannot bear to be alone for long.  She is always sitting on one of our laps, or right in the middle of whatever I am working on...of course! You all know the drill if you have a cat in your life. 

Another goal of Furry Friday is to help provide kennel quilts through The Small Kennel Quilt Team, an organization sponsored by The Quilt Pattern Magazine. If you would like to help out , you can make a kennel quilt.  The information about the kennel quilt program can be found on The Quilt Pattern Magazine website. The kennel quilts are so easy to is the tutorial from the one I made in February.  And...even more fun...a virtual quilt retreat on March 18 and March 19!  Why not join in and make a kennel quilt? 
A big thank you to our sponsor this week...The Quilt Pattern Magazine.


Here are a few I have made this week.  Scraps work wonderful!  Plus, they are great to practice free-motion quilting.  As you can see, Bella thinks all of them are for her, but I know I can convince her to choose just one and share!

What do you think....she does seem to be considering which one she really would like to keep!

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